The Modern Day Curragh

The Modern Day Curragh

The Curragh Camp is now home to the Defence Forces Training Centre of the Irish Defence Forces, housing the Command and Staff School, the Cadet School, the Infantry School, The Combat Support College, The Combat Services Support College, the Equitation school, A Logistics Base a Supply & Services Unit and the United Nations School.

The Curragh Camp has seen extensive modernisation in recent years. Billet blocks are being refurbished and dining and messing facilities have been radically upgraded for all ranks. Other developments include a new workshop complex and a massive garage for the new Mowag APCs.

The tallest building in the Curragh is the Fire Station, where the Army maintain a modern fire fighting service. The area is no longer occupied solely by the military, and many of those living in the environs of the Camp have no connection to the Army. Many personnel in fact choose to live in nearby Newbridge.

Although the Camp has its own small-arms ranges adjacent to the Hospital, the nearest tactical area is in the Glen of Imaal Co Wicklow.

Information sourced from Wikipedia

The Curragh Camp is also home to the famous plains of Kildare which is a vast stretch of grassland which spans thousands of acres. Many hundreds of sheep graze on these lands in accordance to Section 10 of The Curragh of Kildare Act of 1961. Access to these areas are restricted to the public.

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