The K-Lines

The K-Lines

Abstracted from “The Military Police Through the Years
By: John Fitzmaurice


In addition to the normal police colour functions in a larger Defence Forces, the Military Police were responsible for the internment of nationals and non-nationals during the war. Throughout the Second World War, airman from both the axis and allied forces were forced to land in Eire. This was as result of being shot down, mistaking Eire for Britain, running out of fuel or as in the case of axis pilots, unable to return to axis controlled soil and thus opting to land in Eire in order to escape internment as POW’s in Britain. As Ireland was a neutral country these soldiers would be detained in order to prevent them from rejoining the war effort. For this purpose an Internment Camp was established at K-Lines beside the Curragh Golf Course. An Internment Camp was also set up in the Curragh Camp and members of the IRA were imprisoned there. These Internment Camps ultilised a vast of Military Police manpower.

During their internment, certain privileges were given to prisoners from both axis and allied sides. As Ireland was a neutral country, the Irish government did not want to be seen giving extra rights to any individual so, therefore, equal rights to all detainees was established. Among these privileges was the freedom to come and go from the camp. These rules were adhered to as there was very little else for the prisoners outside of internment camp.

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