Building the Camp

Building the Camp

There were numerous training camps organised on the Curragh in the nineteenth century including the training of militia to defend the country during the Napoleonic Wars.However, the first permanent military structures were built in 1855 by British soldiers preparing for the Crimean War. These structures were wooden in character but the camp did have its own post-office, fire station, ten barracks, two churches, a water pumping station, court house and a clock tower. In 1879 the first of the “modern” barracks (Beresford Barracks) was built at the camp, and six new barracks were subsequently constructed through the turn of the century. The names of the barracks’ that were built by the British Army were Ponsonby Bks, Stewart Bks, A.S.C Bks, Engineer Bks, Gough Bks and Keane Bks.


In the following decade Queen Victoria visited to inspect troops, and as her son (Edward VII the then Prince of Wales) was serving at the camp. A great troop review was held for the visit of the Queen and an album of the occasion can be found in the Royal Archive at Windsor. By the end of the century the Camp became a divisional headquarters and soldiers were trained there for fighting in the Boer War.

Information sourced from Wikipedia.

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